Food For The Skin (a Gumbi Gumbi and keratin oil tincture) provides all-natural pain relief from muscle & joint aches, arthritic pain, and nerve and back pain,fibromyalgia,relieves high anxiety,helps with colds and flu symptoms. The keratin infused oils use the natural healing power of Gumbi Gumbi for topical relief, as well as healing damaged skin.
Consistent use of Food For The Skin also provides an immune system boost, as the Gumbi Gumbi helps kill most types of fungi and bacteria. While many antibiotics harm the liver and kidneys with regular use, Gumbi Gumbi promotes healing and well-being using an ancient healing remedy.
For thousands of years, Gumbi Gumbi has played an essential role in safeguarding human health in Australia.  Gumbi Gumbi is experiencing a resurgence in popularity today as more studies are completed [PDF], as well as people seeking natural remedies and supplements as an alternatives to the big pharma industry.      
Today as more people seek and embrace natural pain remedies, Food For The Skin has been developed to provide pain and skin damage relief, the natural way with our Gumbi Gumbi & keratin oil tincture.

Food For The Skin All Natural Pain relief remedy

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