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The Gumbi Gumbi tincture - Food For The Skin - had research begin over 20 years ago. That's when the founder, Fabrizio Magnelli, was looking for a natural treatment for a 3rd degree burn that ran from his shoulder to forearm. After medical procedures and  other herbal treatments were not effective in helping remedy the lingering pain and damage to the skin, Fabrizio began researching an ancient Aboriginal healing plant called Gumbi Gumbi (Pittosporoum Phylliraeoides) from his home country, Australia.

Gumby Gumby is recognized to have many healing benefits, including joint/arthritis pain, migraine relief, restoring damaged skin and more. For the past 20 years, Fabrizio has been perfecting his recipe into a topically applied tincture for fast acting natural pain relief. 

Our Product

 All Natural Ingredients

20 year time-tested recipe

Ancient healing remedy

Why Use FFS?

  • Fast acting ancient, All Natural Pain Relief.

  • Gluten and drug free (non-narcotic), and no animal testing.

  • Great for your skin, heals damage in less time than most dermatology medications. Helps heal skin damaged from the sun and offers relief from eczema and psoriasis as well. 

  • Joint and muscle relief. Apply to sore muscles and joint aches for quick relief during work hours or exercising.

  • Use before work/exercise to help prevent aches and pains.