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Food For The Skin

Healing for the Body & Mind

All-Natural Pain Remedy

The Gumbi Gumbi tincture - Food For The Skin - had research begin over 20 years ago. That's when the founder, Fabrizio Magnelli, was looking for a natural treatment for a 3rd degree burn that ran from his shoulder to forearm. After medical procedures and  other herbal treatments were not effective in helping remedy the lingering pain and damage to the skin, Fabrizio began researching an ancient Aboriginal healing plant called Gumbi Gumbi (Pittosporoum Phylliraeoides) from his home country, Australia.

Gumby Gumby is recognized to have many healing benefits, including joint/arthritis pain, migraine relief, restoring damaged skin and more. For the past 20 years, Fabrizio has been perfecting his recipe into a topically applied tincture for fast acting natural pain relief. 


 All Natural Ingredients


20 year time-tested recipe


Ancient healing remedy

Why Use FFS?

Suffering the excruciating pain of a 3rd degree burn, running from his shoulder to his to his forearm, finding no relief from traditional medical remedies, the Founder of Food For The Skin, Fabrizio Magnelli, returned to his Australian roots for relief from the pain.

“Aussie’s” have long benefited from the healing properties of the Gumbi Gumbi (Pittosporoum Phylliraeoides) plant. Embraced by indigenous Aboriginal communities for its incredible healing powers, and used today  by modern world for a significant number of traditional medicinal applications Gumbi Gumbi brought Fabrizio the pain relief he could find no where else, while healing his skin minimizing scaring substantially. With the amazing results of Gumbi Gumbi, he founded a solid belief in the pain relief this plant provides and made it his mission to bring this Australian remedy to you.

After 20-years of research and development, Fabrizio has perfected the recipe in Food For The Skin 100% natural pain relief formula tincture, an effective treatment for pain, skin irritation, and alleviating colds, soothing and reducing eczema, killing viruses (or suppressing its ability to replicate), ridding the body of toxins, regulating blood pressure, boosting the immune system, combating digestive disorders, treating chronic fatigue and even lifting depression.

If you have reservations, consider, several primeval medical treatments that you probably aren’t aware of, are used in today’s ‘modern’ medicine for every day, highly effective, remedies…

  • Morphine - Ancient medical texts around the world refer to medicinal uses of the poppy plant. In Mesopotamia, 6000 BC, they refer to the medicinal benefits of opium, calling it the “plant of joy.”

  • Aspirin - Over 3,500 years ago, the ancient Sumerians and Egyptians used willow bark as a medicine for pain relief. At the turn of the 20th century Bayer turned that willow bark into what we now know as aspirin.

  • Sutures - The oldest known suture is in an Egyptian mummy dating from 1100 BC. The first record of a surgical suture was in Ancient Egypt, around 3000 BC.


Having reached an age where we are embracing the true value in the healing properties of herbs, finding they are often more effective than Western medicine. Gumbi Gumbi is the at the top of the list in herbal remedies and Fabrizio is proud to bring his 100% natural Gumbi Gumbi  and Keratin Oil remedy to you. He is so confident in the effectiveness of his powerful remedy, he offers a 30-day 100% Satisfaction Guarantee! Try it today, what do you have to lose?

  • Fast acting ancient, All Natural Pain Relief.

  • Gluten and drug free (non-narcotic), and no animal testing.

  • Great for your skin, heals damage in less time than most dermatology medications. Helps heal skin damaged from the sun and offers relief from eczema and psoriasis as well. 

  • Joint and muscle relief. Apply to sore muscles and joint aches for quick relief during work hours or exercising.

  • Use before work/exercise to help prevent aches and pains.

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